The J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University has received a U.S. Department of Education grant to internationalize its curriculum and help minority businesses to compete internationally.

        The $175,000 grant will be half of the funding needed for a project of the college’s Institute of International Business, “The Conduit to Global Competence: Bridging Worlds and Disciplines.”

        The project aims to provide stipends for minority students to study abroad, find international internship opportunities for students and train faculty and staff in international issues. The program will also develop teaching and research programs with foreign partners on doing business in different world regions, as well as create globalization workshops for minority businesses.

        “We are reaching out to two fast-growing communities that are important to Atlanta’s international development, the Asians and Latinos,” Karen Loch, director of the institute, told GlobalFax.

        “Not only does this project internationalize programs for students and faculty across all disciplines, but it also provides cultural training for our staff, who generally have had little international experience but who are the first point of contact for our new students,” Dr. Loch said.

        Georgia State will contribute the remaining funding needed for the project.       

A steering committee for the project will include representatives from partner organizations Agio Press Inc., the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Summit National Bank. Sevgo Eroglu, associate professor of marketing, and David Bruce, professor of international business, will serve as project coordinators.

Contact Dr. Loch at (404) 651-4095 for more information or visit