The Office of Executive Programs at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business is heading a trip to China in October that will help Georgia businesspeople gain a firsthand perspective on the country’s role in the global economy.

The two-week program, titled “Understanding the Chinese Business Environment,” is meant not only to raise the international profile of the Terry College, but also to help emphasize the importance for Georgians to gain an international business outlook.

“Our goal through this series of programs is to bring to the forefront of the Atlanta business community the importance of a global perspective,” said Charles Squires, director of executive programs at Terry.

The first step for trip participants will be Oct. 5, an all-day crash course in Chinese culture, history, government, law and business.

In a whirlwind tour Oct. 12-27, participants will visit five Chinese cities, arriving first in Shanghai and departing from Hong Kong. In between, stops are scheduled in Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou.

Throughout the trip, participants will see presentations from American companies that have had success in China, such as United Parcel Service Inc. They will also meet with representatives from Chinese companies and with government officials in Beijing and Shanghai, two of China’s most important economic regions.

This intensive program differs from a U.S.-based program because it provides “total immersion” in the Chinese business environment and will afford businesspeople the opportunity to make important international connections, Maggie Pollock, an event planner with the Office of Executive Programs, told GlobalAtlanta.

“We’d like to keep it to about 15 people so it will be very personal, and not only will (participants) be able to network with the Chinese people, but also within themselves as well,” Ms. Pollock said.

The trip’s itinerary, while mostly business-oriented, also includes some sight-seeing and entertainment that will allow participants to get a better sense of the Chinese culture and mindset.

Among other sites, they will tour historical attractions in Beijing, and they will visit the Wolong Giant Panda Reserve Centre near Chengdu. The city has a panda research base that currently partners with Zoo Atlanta.

While Mr. Squires said that he would not mind seeing Terry College alumni fill the slots. The trip is open to anyone who is “intellectually curious” and “wants to get a better understanding of how the world operates.”

The $8,500 cost of the program includes all hotels, tourist attractions, seminars/training, domestic transportation and most meals. International airfare–to Shanghai and from Hong Kong–is not included, and the tentative deadline for payment is Aug. 5.

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