The United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta, a non-profit philanthropic organization that funds some 80 member agencies providing 300 programs,  has targeted foreign-owned or controlled companies for fundraising in 1995, according to Mark Zuccolo, CEO of Schweizer Bund (America).

Mr. Zuccolo, whose company serves as marketing agent in Europe for chemicals manufactured by Atlanta-based Seydel Companies, is aware of different cultural attitudes outside the U.S. toward philanthropic organizations. But he thinks that executives of the targeted companies will come to understand the overall benefit of joining the campaign.

“The typical foreign-owned company in Atlanta is becoming attuned to this market, or in a word is becoming ‘American’,” he said.   “By consciously Americanizing to meet local market demands and expectations, companies can better relate to employees, vendors and customers.”

The campaign successfully persuaded Siemens and Lockwood Greene, a subsidiary of Philipp Holzmann, to participate in the campaign last year, the first year that it formally included foreign-owned or controlled companies.

Mr. Zuccolo may be reached at (404) 239-0766.