The University System of Georgia’s goal of doubling the participation of its students in international programs from 2% to 4% in five years is the most recent example of the system’s commitment to preparing its graduates for global careers, Thomas Meredith, the system’s chancellor, told GlobalFax last week.

            During an interview in his office near the State Capitol, Dr. Meredith underscored his support for a variety of programs that assist Georgia’s ability to attract foreign investment as well as prepare its graduates to compete in a global economy.

The former chancellor of the University of Alabama System, Dr. Meredith assumed his position in January and is responsible for the state’s 34 public colleges and universities, the fourth largest system in the United States with more than 217,000 students.

He was formally inaugurated into the position last week.

            In addition to his support for the participation of 8,680 students in international programs, including studying abroad, Dr. Meredith said he favored public-private initiatives that improved the state’s global competitiveness. He specifically cited the Intellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP) that connects the system’s intellectual resources to the state’s business communities.

            He also voiced his support for the European Union Center that provides a variety of educational programs focused on the EU to all the institutions in the system. The European Commission has provided support for the center, which is one of only ten in the country, since 1998.

            To learn more about ICAPP go to or the EU Center,