Atlanta-based United Parcel Service Inc. announced the deployment of 50 next-generation hybrid electric delivery vehicles last week.

The company’s fleet already has more than 1,300 alternative fuel vehicles and 19,000 low-emission vehicles.

The 50 hybrid electric vehicles will operate in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Phoenix, with 12 of them in Atlanta.

The new vehicles will offer a 45 percent increase in fuel economy and a decrease in vehicle emissions, according to UPS CEO Mike Eskew.

They are expected to reduce UPS vehicles’ fuel consumption by 44,000 gallons per year and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide gases released annually into the atmosphere by 457 metric tons.

UPS and the U.S. Energy Department are to cooperate this year to share data on the vehicles’ fuel economy, emissions and other performance measures.

UPS’ alternative fuel fleet currently includes trucks powered by compressed natural gas, electricity, liquefied natural gas and propane.

The company, which celebrates 100 years this year, has also been testing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and hydraulic hybrid technology

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