Atlanta-based United Parcel Service continues to post strong advances internationally. The package-delivery company says average international daily volume grew 32 percent in the third quarter that ended Sept. 30 compared to the same period last year.

International growth was almost three-times that of domestic improvement of 11.2 percent. International service includes UPS Worldwide Express, Euro Express and Euro Expedited services.

UPS said the strong overall performance in its express services was aided by continuing expansion of its product offerings. Another new product on the international front that was introduced in early September, UPS Worldwide Express Plus, enabled the company to become the first carrier to offer early morning service from major business centers in Europe, Asia, Canada and Latin America to the U.S.

In a continuing effort to increase capacity in its air express operations to meet demand, UPS said, the company took delivery Oct. 16 of its first Boeing 767-300 ER Freighter. UPS said it is the launch customer for the new aircraft, with a firm order for 30 of the 767s to be delivered over the next seven years.