Dr. Thomas Hudson, a world-renowned allergist and immunologist who during his 11 years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston led the effort to construct the physical map of the human genome, is to speak at BioFusion 2005. He currently heads the McGill University and Quebec Genome Innovation Center.

Dr. Hudson’s lab in Montreal conducts a million DNA tests a week and is comprised of a multidisciplinary staff including statisticians, engineers, chemists, physicists and those schooled in bioinformatics. He is conducting research in Quebec and Finland in search of chromosome regions that contain genes predisposing individuals to asthma.

BioFusion 2005 is to bring together in Atlanta bioscience researchers, scientists and business executives April 10-12. Dr. Hudson is to give a lecture on Monday, April 11, following the luncheon keynote speech of Dr. Lester M. Crawford, who was appointed commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration last week. The conference is to be held at the Georgia World Congress Center and the cost to attend is $380. To register, go to www.biofusionsouth.org