World Technology Systems (WTS), an Atlanta-based airline services company that provides operations including reservations, ticketing , accounting, sales and marketing, is planning to offer new flights to under-served small and midsize cities throughout the U.S. WTS is able to offer new flights by linking its services with regional airlines and turboprop giant British Aerospace.

      Under World Tech’s plan, communities would put up seed money to pay for initial advertising and then, along with WTS, would decide the route system. WTS would also invest in marketing and create advertising to garner local support for the air service.  The company would then contract with regional or charter airlines that would lease or buy aircraft to operate at a favorable rate from British Aerospace Asset Management,  Inc.

      Communities involved in the plan would make decisions about flight schedules and frequency while WTS would handle reservations, marketing, ticketing and other support services. The supporting communities would benefit directly from hiring for airport positions and hopefully indirectly  as a result of increased air service.

      For more information on this new program please contact Cary Evans at (770) 989-5783.