The more than 330 World Trade Centers (WTC) around the world have proven to be a powerful “economic generator” for urban development, according to Herb Ouida, executive vice president of the New York-based World Trade Center Association (WTCA), who suggested the World Trade Center-Atlanta market itself as a means of promoting the downtown area.

          During a luncheon speech at the WTC-Atlanta March 9, Mr. Ouida underscored the critical role that the construction of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in New York played in revitalizing that area.  He called the buildings a “phenomenal success,” symbolizing the importance of international business and a desire to reach out to the world.

           “World Trade Centers are such important drivers for international commerce,” he said.  However, without the active support of local governments, bi-national and regional chambers of commerce, he added, it will be difficult for the WTC-Atlanta to reach its full potential in invigorating the local economy.  

“World Trade Centers are a one-stop-shop for international business services, including international trade and translation services, and club membership,” said Mr. Ouida.  “But don’t forget how important World Trade Centers can be to revitalizing a downtown area. 

By building the Twin Towers 30 years ago, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey succeeded in bringing development to an area long-forgotten by real-estate developers.”

Mr. Ouida also championed the cause of e-commerce and its growing role at WTCs worldwide.  WTCA-Online, for example, offers members access to international trade databases, regional economic development assistance and real estate.  The organization offers additional courses in business, both online and in the classroom, as part of the WTCA’s effort to establish a “global virtual campus.”

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