With its Feb. 9 announcement that it will provide remote systems software to Banco de Credito de Peru, Xcellenet Inc. chose Peru as a springboard to penetrate the Andean mobile computing and remote systems market, Chandra Stevens, international business manager at Xcellenet, told GlobalFax.

          “Banking is big in Peru and in Latin America in general, with financial institutions having many remote locations,” said Ms. Stevens. “We have had a distributor in Peru, so we were very familiar with Banco de Credito, Peru’s largest commercial bank.” The bank purportedly has a tradition of investing in technology for its large network of customers.

          The Alpharetta-based remote systems developer, XcelleNet, provides management software that allows systems administrators to distribute software, update content and track assets on smart mobile devices such as laptop and handheld computers, interactive pagers and smart phones, as well as remote systems such as kiosks and point-of-sale devices. It is looking for local partners, like BellSouth, to help further extend its services in South America.

           Contact Ms. Stevens at (678) 585-7130 or chandra.stevens@xcellenet.com. See www.xcellenet.com for more information. See www.globalatlanta.com for the full text.