YKK AP America Inc., a manufacturer of architectural products, is planning to expand its Macon window plant to serve the recovering housing market in the U.S.

YKK AP is part of YKK Corp. of America, the North American subsidiary of the Japanese zipper and fastener giant that built its first plant in Middle Georgia in the 1970s.

YKK AP plans to move into a larger building in and add new production lines for vinyl windows and multi-layered glass, which have seen sales spike since the Macon factory launched in 2007 in a space that housed zipper production before the textile industry moved largely to Asia.

“The expansion will give us an opportunity to further improve service and provide a stable supply to customers,” said Craig Marple, sales and marketing manager for YKK AP’s residential division. “Our hope is to continue to grow our production efforts at the Macon plant and expand our residential business operations to further accommodate the growing market.”

YKK Corp. of America currently holds 14 subsidiaries throughout North and Central America and operates under the Tokyo-based parent company YKK Group.

YKK AP also operates a large plant in Dublin, Ga., making aluminum window and door frames. That plant was expanded in 2010 to the tune of $80 million and 200 jobs.