Junichi (Jay) Takahashi, president of YKK (U.S.A.) Inc., which produces more than seven million plastic and metal zippers a day at its 12-plant, state-of-the art Manufacturing Center in Macon,  will succeed on Oct. 1 Norio (Nick) Tsubokawa, as president and CEO of YKK Corp. of America (YCA).

      Mr. Tsubokawa, who was named president of YCA in 1992, will return to YKK’s world headquarters in Japan where he will assume new duties including leadership of the corporation’s worldwide notions business.

      YCA was established in 1987 as a holding company for its 12 operational companies throughout Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and the U.S. with more than 3,200 employees.  Its corporate headquarters are located in Marietta.

      Mr. Takahashi said in a prepared statement that he will focus on coordinating YCA’s operations throughout the region and on research and development efforts.

      “Our manufacturing customers, whose operations have been going off-shore in increasing numbers are, after Nafta, reconsidering North and Central America and the Caribbean; therefore, business in our region is coming back and growing,” he added.

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