Audience and Focus

Since 1991, Global Atlanta has been the only news service devoted to reporting on how Atlanta is connected to the world. Published online, we help readers navigate the nuances of international business by sharing vital information and fostering substantive relationships through engaging events. 

Our more than 10,000 email subscribers enjoy a variety of publications, including our:

  • Weekly Briefing 
  • Daily News 
  • Monday Events Digest

…as well as 20+ Channels, monthly newsletters helping readers drill down to the countries, continents and topics of interest.

Our diverse readers hold a common interest in global business and how it’s done in Atlanta and around the world. Major audience constituencies include:

  • Companies engaged in global trade
  • Foreign investors
  • Economic development leaders and government officials
  • Leaders and members of binational chambers of commerce
  • Diplomats and trade officers
  • Professional service providers
  • Academics and thought leaders

Options and Outreach

We’re in the midst of revising our 2023-24 media kit, but in the meantime, for more detailed reader demographics or information on Annual Partnership packages, Direct Emails and Event Promotion, Web Advertising and more, contact Events and Partnerships Director Michal Jensby at or by phone at (404) 377-7710.