Georgia companies should be alert to the extensive business opportunities that will be available to attendees of the APEC Investment Mart to be held in Seoul, Korea, in June, Soon-Hyung Kwon, director general of the Korea Trade Center Atlanta (KOTRA), told GlobalFax last week.

His country will be rolling out a red carpet for businesses from around the world including the 21 member countries of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).  APEC leaders agreed to the innovative concept of the Investment Mart last year and decided that the first one should be held in Seoul.

According to Mr. Kwon, the mart will be an enormous networking event drawing businessmen and women to discuss opportunities throughout the world and not only in one location.

“We have entered the age of globalization,” he said in an interview in his office in the Marquis One Tower downtown.  “The mart will allow every company and every country to promote what it thinks will be of the most interest to the attendees.”

Instead of being only a promotional event for Korea, he said that the Investment Mart will encourage attendees to explore opportunities in many markets through new relationships.

The event is to be held in the World Trade Center Seoul from Wednesday, June 2, through Saturday, June 5, and each APEC member will have a pavilion offering investors a chance to discuss specific projects or opportunities.

The following countries are among the APEC members scheduled to attend: Australia, Canada, Chile, the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the U.S. and Vietnam.

For more information, go to the Investment Mart’s Web site at Mr. Kwon may be reached by calling (404) 524-2424; fax, (404) 524-2234.