TiE Atlanta's 3rd Gala Celebration Awards is to be held at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead the evening of Saturday, Oct. 16.

TiE Atlanta’s entrepreneurship awards will be announced at its annual gala Saturday evening Oct. 16 at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead.

But Atlanta is the real winner for the long term from the organization’s activities, according to Alan J. Taetle, general partner at the venture capital firm Noro-Mosley Partners.

Started in 1992 as a nonprofit created to foster entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley as The Indus Entrepreneurs, TiE now has more than 50 chapters in a dozen countries and 13,000 members, making it the world’s largest non-profit for entrepreneurs.

It’s formula of nurturing entrepreneurs and providing educational resources will provide Atlanta long lasting benefits, Mr. Taetle, who heads this year’s judging panel, told GlobalAtlanta during a filmed interview.

Although TiE Atlanta is a member of the global network that was launched primarily by South Asians, the local chapter is expanding its membership to include entrepreneurs of every stripe, he said.

Mr. Taetle pointed to the diversity of the nominations for awards this year. While last year 80 percent of the nominees were from companies owned by Indian entrepreneurs, this year’s percentage is closer to 50 percent.

“TiE is broadening,” he said. “It will become synonymous with entrepreneurship in general.”

Mr. Taetle said that his involvement in TiE naturally stemmed from his activities as a venture capitalist interested in technology and health care.

He also said that he is convinced more Indian companies will be investing in the U.S., including small ones as well as the large conglomerates.

The local Indian community, he added, will continue to spawn successful entrepreneurs because of their “intelligence, aspirations and work ethic.”

He traced the determination of Indian entrepreneurs to a legacy of “what it takes to make it in India,” and considers India’s democratic political framework as conducive to the encouragement of entrepreneurship.

He also recommended attendance at TiE Atlanta’s gala celebration saying that besides the opportunity to network with some of Atlanta’s foremost entrepreneurs, there would be wonderful food and entertainment.

To register for the gala, go to www.tieatlantagala.com The cost for an individual members is $150 or a member couple, $200; for a non-member, $150 and a non-member couple, $250.

To read about the finalists for the TiE Atlanta entrepreneurial awards, go to http://www.globalatlanta.comarticle/24254/