Carol A. Levine, a veteran mediator and arbitrator with Atlanta-based Henning Global ADR, has been selected by the commission responsible for Holocaust-Era insurance claims as an arbitrator on an appeals panel.

The process gives insurance claimants a right to appeal against initial decisions reached by insurance companies concerning the entitlement of survivors and heirs to proceeds of insurance policies.

The International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims was established in 1998 following negotiations among European insurance companies and U.S. insurance regulators as well as representatives of international Jewish and survivor organizations and Israel.

Chaired by former U.S. Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger, the commission has been criticized for not working fast enough to provide payments for Holocaust survivors and heirs.

With regard to other types of conflicts and disputes, Ms. Levine told GlobalFax, “Arbitration and mediation are often better ways to resolve conflict in individual claims as well as within class actions because resolution of disputes can be accomplished in a more efficient and less costly manner than litigation.” A civil litigator for 14 years, she now limits her practice to mediation and arbitration.

Ms. Levine has been involved in some of the most controversial class action cases, having been selected in 1992 as an arbitrator for the Dalkon Shield National Claims Arbitration Program that administered thousands of claims in the United States and internationally arising out of the use of intrauterine contraceptive devices.

In 1996, she was selected to be an agent of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama, which was overseeing multi-district litigation concerning breast implants. She facilitated informational meetings in the U.S. for claimants.

Henning Global ADR is a division of Henning Mediation and Arbiration Services Inc., which was founded in 1996 by Edward J. Henning, who also chaired the ADR section of the Georgia Bar Association. The firm has 34 permanent panelists composed of attorneys and retired judges.

In the area of alternative dispute resolution, Henning, which has offices in London and Paris, has been selected to formulate solutions involving asbestos cases in Europe and the firm is an active member of the mediation forum of the Union of International Lawyers in Paris.

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