An Atlanta group of physicians and other medical professionals have been assisting since 1989 the republic of Kyrgyzstan, the former Soviet state located near the northwest corner of China in Central Asia, develop its health care sector.

As these ties have strengthened, other business relationships are being sought and a delegation will be leaving Atlanta on April 28 for the country of 4.5 million people to establish joint venture opportunities related to health care as well as other economic sectors.

Charles Becker, a Marietta resident who spent two months in the  capital of Bishkek in 1993 conducting business management training and exploring joint ventures opportunities, is assisting in the group’s preparations for their trip.  Following his first visit, he pinpointed medical, infrastructure, food processing, hydro power among other projects worthy of investment. (See Globalfax, Vol. 2, Issue 10).

Mr. Becker is planning a follow-up visit in the fall at which time he will take other business executives and medical teams with him.

“Since the Russians left in 1991, even Bishkek’s infrastructure has begun to deteriorate including the roads, telecommunications and its stadium,” he told Globalfax last week.  “We need to get money into the country so that they can rebuild the city and start other projects.”

He also pointed to Kyrghyzstan’s art work, wool, agricultural products and leather crafts as potential exports. 

Lee Jacobs, who founded the non-profit organization Central Asian Partners, Inc. (C.A.P.) which has spearheaded the health care projects, will head up the medical side of the April 28-May 5 visit. 

So far C.A.P. has stationed a full-time physician in Bishkek to consult with the Minister of Health. It also has an agreement with the government to develop a 100 bed neo-natal and high risk maternity hospital as well as the task of revising the country’s medical school curriculum.

For more information, Mr. Becker may be reached at (404) 926-9429; fax (404) 926-2628.