The launch last week of a nonstop flight between Atlanta and Lagos, Nigeria, will increase business ties between the two countries and lend credibility to the Atlanta-Lagos sister city relationship, said Joe Keshi, Nigeria’s consul general here.

          Ritetime World Airways, a joint venture of Ritetime Aviation and Travel Services Inc., a travel services firm, and Atlanta-based World Airways Inc., a charter airline, began operations from Hartsfield International Airport to Nigeria’s capital with an inaugural flight, May 28.

          The company is to operate two flights a week between Lagos, Atlanta and New York.  Flight duration is estimated at nine hours with passengers departing Atlanta in the afternoon and arriving in Lagos in the early morning.

Previously, travelers from the United States to Nigeria had to connect through Frankfurt, Germany, or London, a journey of up to 18 hours including a lengthy layover, said Mr. Keshi

“The new service is more conducive to business passengers who want to stay for only a few days,” he told GlobalFax.  “Travelers will no longer be deterred by the long flight.”

Mr. Keshi added that the direct connection would likely increase the cultural and educational exchanges promoted by the Atlanta-Lagos sister city relationship.

“I have long been interested in finding something concrete to express this tie and I think this flight does that,” he said.

Ritetime Airways is to begin operating a flight between Lagos and Houston, August 5. 

For additional information, contact Ritetime Airways at (770) 613-0011.  Contact Mr. Keshi at the Consulate General of Nigeria at (770) 394-6261.