Australian-based Global Internet Directories is seeking companies and individuals in Atlanta and other major cities to help expand its business operations in the U.S. The company is developing what it claims will be the largest Internet directory in the world, and will offer businesses global and local market exposure via a single international Internet search engine.

      Global Internet Directories will have 900 connected city-directories worldwide, each broken down into 5,000 categories. Through promotion on the directory’s search engine and traditional media advertising, listed companies could gain name-recognition and be easily locatable through this comprehensive Internet service.

      Frank Flammea, president of global marketing, told GlobalFax that the Internet is not yet truly global because sites are typically developed regionally in the local language which provides Internet users with limited global access depending on the languages they speak. “People need to communicate globally, and we feel that English is the language of the Internet,” said Mr. Flammea while at a reception at Australian Consul-General Geoff Gray’s residence during the recent E3 trade show.

      Global Internet Directories will also provide a free World Wide Classifieds service to be accessed by Internet users wishing to view goods and services for sale worldwide. The classifieds will enable users to place and view advertisements online, and will be sponsored and promoted by a traditional media company in each of the 900 cities.

      The company has just completed nine months of market testing and product proofing in its Australasia Zone, and has established relationships with the top three Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Australia.

      For more information, please contact Mr. Flammea via e-mail:  or  visit the company’s web site at: