The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Georgia, in collaboration with the Brazilian carrier Tam Airlines, is organizing a trade mission to Brazil Oct. 11-15, that will include one-on-one meetings between American and Brazilian business leaders, said Alessandra Coppola, president of the chamber.

Both members and non-members of the chamber whose business interests match the main industries and sectors targeted by the trade mission are invited to join the group.

“With Brazil being the largest and most industrialized economy in Latin America, there are tremendous business opportunities for American companies that want to expand their market share by exporting their goods and services,” Ms. Coppola told GlobalAtlanta. “There are also opportunities for businesses that need to cut costs and can import from Brazil at lower prices.”

The itinerary includes a stop in São Paulo, Brazil, for all participants, though the remainder of the itinerary will be customized according to the needs of the participants, she said.

“We want participants to make the most out of their time in Brazil and be sure to visit cities and markets that are truly relevant for their business,” she said.

According to Ms. Coppola, a trade mission organized last May by the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce, with support from BACC-GA, was well received in São Paulo and Minas Gerais, which are respectively the largest and second largest state economies in Brazil.

Brazilian organizations that hosted that trade mission are planning a follow-up visit to Atlanta in the coming months, she said.

“Trade relations with American companies are crucial to Brazil, as the U.S. is the country’s single largest trading partner,” Ms. Coppola said. “Not only is the quantity significant, but also the quality of the products traded is high. Most Brazilian exports to the U.S. are manufactured products rather than agricultural.”

The main sectors and industries targeted by the upcoming trade mission are auto and metal parts; civil construction, building materials and fixtures; electric components and electronics; food and beverage; furniture, furniture machinery and wood fixtures; marble, granite and stones; telecommunications and information technology services; textiles and tourism and hospitality.

The Brazilian-American Chamber will assist in scheduling meetings with prospective partners, as well as visits to industry associations, chambers of commerce, government agencies, universities and other institutions of interest to participants.

“Local trade associations in Brazil are eager to meet with American companies and explore these business opportunities,” said Ms. Coppola.

By working with Tam Airlines, Ms. Coppola said air travel for most participants can be kept under $900 for economy class.

To participate in the trade mission, or for more information, contact the Brazilian-American Chamber at (404) 880-1551 or