A 35-year project to deepen the Brunswick port’s inner harbor by a mean depth of six feet has officially been completed, opening the port to larger vessels and potentially to higher revenues.

The $117 million deepening project took the low-water depth of the harbor from 30 to 36 feet, making the harbor accessible for even the largest automobile carriers currently on the seas.

While Savannah’s port is known for its extensive capacity for full-container shipping, Brunswick’s strength has traditionally been rolling cargo like automobiles and farm equipment.

While the harbor’s new depth will increase such traffic, the Georgia Ports Authority expects millions of dollars in other types of investment to stem from the growth.

“Savannah is one of the big boys, recognized worldwide as a leading port,” said Mack Mattingly, former U.S. senator and current chairman of the Georgia Ports Authority.
“Brunswick has always had the potential but couldn’t be a major port without going to 36 feet. Now GPA has two major ports.”

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