The Korea Trade Center Atlanta (KOTRA) announced that an investment service center has been set up in Seoul to simplify the process of investing in Korea.

      The new center, the Korea Investment Service Center (KISC), was established in April in response to the increasing numbers of inquiries for direct investment in Korea following approval of the International Monetary Fund’s assistance package to ease the country’s economic crisis.

      The center unites personnel from a number of government agencies.  Specialists with legal, accounting, finance, technology, labor relations and real estate expertise are all available at the center.

      According to the announcement, KISC will insure that all procedures are handled in a one-stop shopping manner, providing contacts, translators, meeting places and any other necessary services.

      For more information about the center, call the Atlanta office at (404) 524-2234 or send a fax to (404) 524-2234.