Switzerland– and Atlanta-based Dartfish Inc., an Internet sports broadcasting and athletic training technology firm, will be represented at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City through Feb. 24.

Dartfish, which is housed in the Advanced Technology Development Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology, is providing special effects technology for live streaming video coverage of downhill skiing at the Salt Lake Games.

The company’s technology digitally films athletes in action to instantaneously analyze their movements and form, for use in training, coaching and broadcasting via Internet or television.

“Our sports training software allows coaches and athletes to communicate better, to analyze and to share training ideas,” Dartfish President Victor Bergonzoli told GlobalFax. “It’s a whole new way of athletic training. Like film evolved into video, now video is evolving into Internet software,” he added.

Mr. Bergonzoli and John Lupton, an Atlanta-based independent sports marketing consultant, will be representing Dartfish at the Games.

“The Olympics is the best business-to-business opportunity for companies interested in the sports industry,” Mr. Lupton said.

He will be in Salt Lake City for the entire Olympic Games to market Dartfish’s products to Olympic teams and related merchandising companies.

Mr. Lupton said the U.S. Olympic Committee has officially endorsed Dartfish’s technology, providing an entré for marketing the technology to the 46 U.S. Olympic sports teams, as well as to Olympic teams from around the world participating in the Salt Lake Games. The Austrian, French and Swiss Olympic teams, among others, are already using Dartfish training technology, he added.

Dartfish technology was used during the 1998 Olympic Games to broadcast track and field events from Sydney, Australia.

Contact Dartfish at (404) 685-9505. Contact Mr. Lupton during the Games at luptonj@bellsouth.net or after the Games at his Atlanta office at (404) 255-5525.