E.A. Consulting Group, a division of Atlanta-based Enter Asia Inc., has developed a Global Capability Audit (GCA) for analyzing a company’s readiness to conduct business globally, expand internationally and provide services to overseas customers and suppliers.

      Mr. and Mrs. George Lancaster founded EnterAsia in 1994 to assist U.S. firms doing business in Japan.  A former director of the Tokyo office of the Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism (GDITT), Mr. Lancaster is responsible for all of EnterAsia’s operations in Japan.

      His wife, Nicky, who is originally from Australia and has held a variety of management positions in media and investment companies both in Australia and in the U.S., is responsible for managing the E.A. Consulting Group and developed the GCA.

      During a telephone interview with GlobalFax last week, she said that the audit was the result of their experience working with American companies in Japan.  We discovered that regardless of a company’s experience, size or industry, the absence or presence of certain basic company attributes determined how well a company did overseas, she said.

      The audit provides an on-site analysis of a company’s international capabilities and identifies opportunities for streamlining processes, merging international efforts with domestic functions, increasing international sales and enhancing customer value.

      E.A. Consultants also provides industry market research, customer needs assessment and interactive training programs.

      For more information, Nicky Lancaster may be reached by calling (404) 249-9308; fax, (404) 249-9435.  Her e-mail address is nicky@enterasia.com  The company’s web page may be found at http://www.enterasia.com