Two wings of Crumlin Road Gaol. A jail wing from the front prison yard. The former prison laundry shows signs of the site’s disuse. A prison watchtower. The rear prison yard and the hills surrounding Belfast. The entryway to the jail cells, known as “the circle.” Stairs lead to a tunnel beneath Crumlin Road. Prisoners were led to trial through this tunnel. The North Belfast Community Action Unit renovated this block to give tours. A view of the renovated cell block from the jail entrance. Graffiti in the jail basement. The red hand is the symbol of Ulster, Ireland’s northernmost province. Crumlin Road Courthouse. The abandoned sites have been vandalized while unused. Belfast developer Barry Gilligan plans to turn the courthouse into a hotel. Preliminary plans for the Crumlin Road area include housing and recreation areas. The jail itself could be transformed into a museum, hotel and restaurant.