GCIV board member Robert Lattimore and his wife Pam with former Fulbrighters from Spain, Greece and Japan.

One hundred and thirty five Fulbright scholars will be arriving in Atlanta at the end of the month to participate in a seminar focused on the current U.S. election.

The Georgia Council for International Visitors is coordinating their time in Atlanta and seeks volunteers to host in their homes as many as four of the scholars for dinner on Friday, April 1.

“Due to the large size of the group, we are asking each host to accommodate at least 4 visitors, if possible,” Emily O’Harris, the GCIV’s program director, told Global Atlanta.

The nonprofit international exchange program also is in need of volunteer drivers to escort the Fulbrighters to and from their hotels that evening, she added.

The scholars from countries around the world currently are pursuing master’s degrees and doctorates at universities throughout the country.

The seminar, formally titled “Democracy, Politics and the Elections,” is to provide the scholars with a better understanding of U.S. political values, electoral process, traditions and challenges that are faced within the system.

At an opening dinner, WSB-TV news anchor, Lori Geary, is to provide the keynote address including an analysis of the debates, caucuses, primaries and campaigns involved in this year’s contests.

The scholars also will attend a panel discussion at the changing role of the media in presidential elections and how these modifications have changed the candidates’ behaviors.

The discussion topics are to include the ongoing effects of digital technology on how the news media covers campaigns; how candidates and their campaigns interact with the news media; how these interactions affect the conduct of presidential campus and assessments of the positive and negative aspects of the current relations between news media and politics in the U.S.

Each year the council welcomes more than 500 emerging leaders from more than 100 countries. The guests of the U.S. government represent politics, government, the media, non-governmental organizations, education, public health, the arts, business and trade, international security and other fields.

GCIV’s alumni network include 395 current or former heads of state, 88 Pulitzer Prize winners, 77 Nobel laureates and many leaders across the private and nonprofit sectors.

To volunteer to host a dinner or to help with the group’s transportation needs, all Ms. O’Harris at (404) 832-5560, ext. 15 or send a email to emily@gciv.org