What began as a semester of studying abroad in Buenos Aires, turned into a life changing journey for Elizabeth Cooke.

The Emory University graduate, who majored in interdisciplinary studies in society and culture with a minor in dance, fell in love with Buenos Aires and the intricate history and culture behind the city which she first experienced in July 2007 during a study abroad program.

After completing her degree in Atlanta in 2009 she took a leap of faith and relocated to Buenos Aires, the South American capital often referred to as the Paris of Latin America.

A chance meeting with Cyrena Drusine a year later, a fellow professional dancer and tango aficionado, was the first step towards the birth of Narrative Tango Tours.

The young ladies, armed with information learned from an independent study on the tango industry and a master’s thesis on the sensual experience of tango, saw the opportunity to provide a unique experience to tourists.

Narrative Tango Tours was created on the basis of providing Buenos Aires visitors with an exclusive opportunity to experience tango in its natural habitat, not on a brightly lit stage with a choreographed show.  

Launched in November 2010, Narrative Tango Tours offers its clients an authentic glimpse into one of the most sensual dances of all times.

The company allows visitors to access the dance through various senses being it the eyes, the ears, the brain or the body.

Four main tour services are offered which are designed to accommodate a range of interests.

For those who are eager to learn the tango’s intricate steps there are private dance lessons with professional tango dancers.

For those who are more musically inclined, there is a tango music outing which allows individuals to connect with the tango’s emotionally filled lyrics and learn tango basics on the guitar.

The accompanied Milonga visits are for those eager to see how tango is really done. The outing also allows the visitor an insight into the etiquette of tango, not for the faint hearted!

Last but not least, there is a historical tango tour for the history buffs which is peppered by colorful stories of some of the most legendary figures in tango history.

 For more information, visit  http://www.narrativetangotours.com/

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