As a special agent for 20 years in the Secret Service, Robert Fisak got used to having U.S. presidents know him by name.  The three years he worked for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System before joining the Secret Service, he became well-acquainted with a multitude of bankers including then-Fed Chairman Arthur Burns.

      While at the Fed, Mr. Fisak supervised the personal protection program for Dr. Burns, oversaw the security of the Federal Open Market Committee, which plays a critical role in determining U.S. interest rates, and served as a liaison with other government agencies.

      Now Mr. Fisak is making his security and investigative expertise available to companies through a wide variety of services, including overseeing the safety of their employees on overseas assignments.

      Mr. Fisak launched The Hunter Group, his Atlanta-based firm, last year after retiring from the Secret Service which he joined in 1976.  He was with the Fed from 1973-1976, and served with the U.S. Army, retiring in 1973 with the rank of captain.

      Locally, much of Mr. Fisak’s work is on behalf of law and accounting firms including trial preparation, surveillance, record searches, accounting investigations, and rendering a variety of other services.

      But he also is looking for international assignments which will use his Secret Service expertise and that of former agents with whom he is in touch.

      As a senior field agent, he said that he planned and coordinated the travel arrangements for many senior U.S. government officials.  He also was the supervisory agent for major counterfeit and bank fraud cases.

      In addition, Mr. Fisak can make the appropriate personnel available for training sessions involving personal protection and business travel.

      For more information, he may be reached by calling (770) 642-2300; fax, (770) 642-6002, or e-mail to: