Israel is among the four countries consistently showing up as the strongest partners for Atlanta's fintech sector.

FinTech South, a financial technology conference aiming to showcase the region’s heft in a fast-growing sector, is set to welcome the world next week in Atlanta.

At least part of it, anyway. The international companies attending and exhibiting at the conference are concentrated in four countries with longstanding tech ties to Atlanta: Canada, Ireland, Israel and the United Kingdom. 

These are the same (and only) four that had a presence at last year’s annual Atlanta Cyber Con, where seven out of 12 pitches came from foreign-based companies.

The companies represent a broad swath of the fintech sector, from payments to authentication to security. Numbering 31 in all, they’ve been gathered into an international pavilion that will be part of the “Innovation Alley” at the conference, which is to be held at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. They’re currently scheduling 15-minute meetings with potential partners and customers from Atlanta. 

Nearly half (14 in total) hail from the United Kingdom, where Atlanta has been building solid fintech ties through the P20 conference, a collaboration between London and Atlanta. 

Israel, featured in a Conexx fintech exchange last May, will field seven companies at the pavilion. Eight will hail from Canada and two from Ireland, which was the subject of a “fintech battle” last October that resulted in two Atlanta firms being sent across the Atlantic to explore the Irish ecosystem. 

The consulates from each of the nations have been involved in recruiting companies to attend the event. While the conference is hosted by the Technology Association of Georgia, Conexx President Guy Tessler said connecting foreign companies to the Atlanta tech ecosystem is a broader team effort with a longer-term goal.  

“We hope this will be a good model to follow where the international business community can pull together resources and have a positive impact,” Mr. Tessler said. “Should it prove beneficial for the companies and countries, we will be building on it in future activities.”  

The conference comes as Atlanta boosters increasingly see fintech as a key calling card in international markets. The Metro Atlanta Chamber, for instance, has been keen to align its investment strategy with countries that have complimentary tech sectors, rather than taking a blanket approach to large nations. 

Jorge Fernandez, who leads the global commerce team at the chamber, says it’s a new strategy of finding “where industry clusters meet geography.” 

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To set up meetings with international companies exhibiting at the conference, contact Mr. Tessler at or see the PDF below for specific contacts.  

A list of 29 companies (Ireland is left out) is below:  

1. Agenor (UK)

2. Amaryllis (Israel)

3. Amenity Analytics (Israel)

4. Ascendant FX (Canada)

5. Attest (UK)

6. CallVU (Israel)

7. Comply Advantage (UK)

8. Credics (Israel)

9. Earthport (UK)

10. eMerchant Pay (UK)

11. Exagens (Canada)

12. Funding Xchange (UK)

13. Garrison (UK)

14. Helium Loans (Canada)

15. Nudge Global (UK)

16. Onfido (UK)

17. Priviti Group (UK)

18. Pop Codes (Canada)

19. Quber (Canada)

20. Rebillia (Israel/US)

21. Salary Finance (UK)

22. Sapiens Decision (Israel)

23. SecuredTouch (Israel)

24. Sheildpay (UK)

25. ShineBid (UK)

26. ThetaRay (Israel)

27. Tipalti (Israel)

28. Vizolution (UK)

29. XMedius (Canada)

View the catalog of foreign companies here:

FinTech South International Pavilion Companies - 5-1 Update

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