Having developed solar panels and equipment especially suited for southern climates, Dublin, Ga.-based MAGE SOLAR PROJECTS Inc. announced Aug. 30 a new sales campaign that will stretch from “Mexico to Brazil.”

The Dublin-based company is a subsidiary of the Ravensburg, Germany-based MAGE SOLAR GROUP, which invested $30 million last year to open its American headquarters in Dublin.  In May, Gov. Nathan Deal visited the Ravensburg headquarters of the global group.

According to a company spokesperson, Mage Solar’s photovoltaic modules, mounting systems and other equipment have been developed for the “most extreme” conditions to be experienced in southern climates.

The equipment can withstand strong winds experienced in mountainous or coastal regions and is resistant to salty air. It also can transform the high doses of radiation emitted by the sun into electricity with a high level of efficiency, the spokesperson told GlobalAtlanta.

The spokesperson also said that costs for conventional power generation in the Caribbean, Central and South America are higher than for Mage’s photovoltaic systems and that consumers often are faced with inefficient grids and insufficient fuel supplies.

MAGE SOLAR is manufacturing the equipment in Dublin under specifications of the American Recovery and Reinvention Act of 2009.

Meanwhile, the MAGE SOLAR Group has expanded its operation to Italy, France, Turkey, China, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Greece and Spain.

For more information, go to www.magesolar.com