Georgia State University‘s Robinson College of Business recently signed an agreement with Peking University‘s School of Economics in Beijing to share research and initiate faculty-student exchanges, according to Karen Loch, director of Georgia State’s Institute of International Business.

            The partnership is the Atlanta business school’s first with a counterpart in Asia and is part of Robinson College’s strategy to develop direct linkages with business schools around the world, Dr. Loch told GlobalFax.

            Under the terms of the agreement, the exchange program is initially to be offered to two Robinson College students, who will attend courses at Peking University for a year.  Similarly, two students from Peking University will attend Georgia State for a year, she explained.

            The program is to be offered to both graduate and undergraduate students at Robinson College and will provide them opportunities to study Chinese and matriculate directly into the Peking University’s courses.

            The program will also provide for research exchanges and collaboration between faculty members at the two universities, as well as offer opportunities for faculty from each institution to visit the other for guest lectures and conferences, said Dr. Loch.

            Additionally, the two universities will share information about their respective business education curriculums, she added.

            Georgia State’s Asian Studies Center, which is part of the university’s College of Arts and Sciences, is not directly involved in the agreement, but will likely play a larger role in the partnership as the relationship between Robinson College and Peking University grows, said Dr. Loch.

            For more information, contact Georgia State’s Office of International Affairs at (404) 463-9411.