Peanuts were in demand around the world in August, per the Georgia Department of Economic Development's trade leads. Photo by Isai Dzib on Unsplash

The Georgia Department of Economic Development has has assembled a new list of products in demand from buyers around the world. 

The monthly tally of trade leads was compiled by the state’s 12 trade offices around the world and disseminated in a newsletter earlier this month. 

As during many months, the list is largely composed of food and agricultural goods, from peanuts in Chile and Japan to peanut butter in China. Chile is also asking for kosher chicken, whole and cut into pieces. 

Brazil is asking for 60 tons a year of yucca extract, along with 24 tons of chondroitin sulfate, a substance found in cartilage. 

On the manufactured side Colombia is seeking pyrite powder, selenium and copper, while Canada is requesting mounting racks for solar panel systems. 

The state says those interested in supplying any of the above products should contact Knali Price at for more information.

As managing editor of Global Atlanta, Trevor has spent 15+ years reporting on Atlanta’s ties with the world. An avid traveler, he has undertaken trips to 30+ countries to uncover stories on the perils...