Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin said at a seminar
on agricultural exporting sponsored by his department that sales of Georgia’s
farm goods abroad are gradually increasing.

 He told attendees on Nov. 17 that sales of exports last
year amounted to $763.2 million, 15% of the value of Georgia’s agricultural
output of $5 billion and a 15% increase since 1990.

 Poultry products, cotton, peanuts, tobacco, red meat,
pork, and live animals were the largest export categories in 1994, accounting
for 70 % of Georgia’s agricultural exports, said Mr. Irvin.

The top five destinations for those products were Canada,
Japan, Germany, Mexico, and Hong Kong, in that order.

For more information, call Mary Ellen Lawson of the
International Trade Division of the Georgia Department of Agriculture at (404)