A preschool offering an international curriculum, complete with foreign language instruction as early as age 2, is opening a new campus in Atlanta‘s  Buckhead neighborhood this fall.

International Preschools currently has a location in Virginia Highland with 130 students ages 2-6, its founder and executive director, Andrea Noktes, told GlobalAtlanta.

The new location is at 4100 Roswell Road and will open in the fall, she said. There will be an open house at the Buckhead location Friday, March 26, from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Yearly tuition for one child is $5,400.

“We are growing,” said Ms. Noktes. “By opening our new campus, we are trying to accommodate our ever expanding wait-list of parents who want to enroll their children this fall.”

In addition to traditional subjects such as music, art and mathematics, students learn Spanish, German and Japanese.

Research has shown exposing students to other languages as early as age 2  will help them gain fluency later in life, Ms. Noktes said.

“You might not have a fluent 2-year-old, but you might have a fluent 8-year-old,” she said.

Sixty percent of the students at the Virginia Highland location have at least one parent from another country, Ms. Noktes said.

She founded International Preschools in 2005 after living, studying and teaching in Thailand for five years.

She hopes to expand to Thailand, Korea, Poland, Germany and other countries, giving parents who move around the world a chance to keep their preschool children on the same tailored curriculum.

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