While the U.S. market is still the revenue driver for Atlanta-based Internet Security Systems Inc., Europe and Asia now generate 30 percent of the company’s annual sales, Dave Ostrowski, product marketing manager for the company told GlobalAtlanta last week.

Founded in 1992, ISS provides products and services that protect against Internet threats and maintains worldwide operations in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa with 1,200 employees.

“We see adoption of security technology across all industries but some of the early adopters in the U.S. were in the banking, financial, manufacturing sectors,” said Mr. Ostrowski. “We also see strong growth in the pharmaceutical industry where patents and proprietary information are of the utmost.”

Traditional countries in Europe, such as the France, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom, became early adopters of new technology, said Peter Stremus, market director responsible for Europe, the Middle East and Africa during a conference call.

According to Mr. Stremus, tremendous growth has also taken place over the past year in Eastern European countries, including Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania.

Also, interest in Poland has grown rapidly because of the large investments from both the government and the private sector, he added.

Among the other sectors expanding in Europe are auto manufacturing, government, healthcare, mining, retail and telecommunications, he said.

Mr. Stremus expects strong international interest in ISS technology to continue given the European Commission’s commitment to security.

Last month, the EC established the European Network and Information Security Agency to ensure that security becomes a European priority and a framework for a European and national focus on legislation, he said.

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