Trae Young showcasing the Hawks' new jerseys.

Zamst, a Japanese brand of athletic braces, has picked 21-year-old Atlanta Hawks basketball star Trae Young as a global ambassador. 

The A2-DX brace.

On the court, Mr. Young will sport the A2-DX ankle brace, which is designed to prevent injuries. 

The CEO of Tokyo-based Nippon Sigmax Co., a longtime orthopedics product manufacturer that introduced Zamst in 1993, said Mr. Young was selected for his “electrifying” style of play, his attention to taking care of his body and his connection with younger fans. 

“Trae’s relationship and high engagement with his community — especially his younger fans, and his integrity both on the court and off — ultimately made it a simple decision as an athlete who best represents Zamst,” said President and CEO Yosuke Suzuki in a statement.

The NBA season restarted this week without with 22 teams — minus fans or the Hawks, who had posted a 20-47 record — in a so-called “bubble” zone in Orlando after the coronavirus outbreak forced a mid-season hiatus in March. 

Mr. Young, a University of Oklahoma alumnus, was among the top three players in both points and assists in just his second season in the league. He was named to the all-rookie team in 2019 and selected as an all-star starter in 2020. 

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