Georgia factories like this one are being asked to produce and provide medical supplies where possible.

Gov. Brian Kemp is requesting help from Georgia companies to produce or provide medical equipment and supplies to fight the coronavirus outbreak in the state.

The governor Tuesday in partnership with the Georgia Department of Economic Development asked companies to declare their ability to supply “critical items” to avert potential shortages in the coming weeks as an expected rise in Covid-19 cases places greater strain on the state’s health care system:  

Critical items include: N-95 masks or equivalent, air purifying machines, face shields, hair covers, hand sanitizer, hospital beds, gloves (various sizes – nitrile or latex-free), negative pressure machines, no-touch thermometers (regular if no-touch are not available), safety goggles, sanitation units, sanitizing spray, sanitizing wipes, shoe covers, surgical masks, Tyvek suits, and ventilators.

The request applies not only to manufacturers but also other firms that have such items already in inventory or to those that can help with distribution and storage. 

To fill out an information form letting the state know how you can help, visit (Submitting the form in no way commits the state to making any purchases; officials are already sifting through responses and will contact suppliers directly.) 

Some companies have already stepped up production. Medicom, a Montreal-based company with a Georgia factory, weeks ago added shifts to meet anticipated spike in local demand after China clamped down on the export of medical masks amid the worst of its outbreak. 

U.S. Rep. Doug Collins of Gainesville on Tuesday sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asking for a U.S. ban on the export of masks and other critical supplies. 

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has expressed support for such measures around the world as countries work to protect their populations.

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