As part of Kennesaw State University’s 10-year accreditation renewal, the university has launched a program to track its international programs to determine where it can augment them.

Called the Quality Enhancement Plan, the 2007-12 program will provide a “better way to track significant global learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom,” said Valerie Whittlesey, associate vice president for academic affairs and psychology professor at KSU.

“Kennesaw has always had a strong history of preparing students for the global world. We had always realized how important global learning was,” she told GlobalAtlanta, noting that the university was the first in the University System of Georgia to establish an institute of global initiatives and one of the first to “internationalize” its general education curriculum.

The Quality Enhancement Plan is required by the Southern Association’s Commission on Colleges that reaffirms all schools’ accreditation, but Kennesaw decided to focus its plan on global learning, Dr. Whittlesey explained.

The initiative will audit the university’s international program, including study abroad programs, courses with international content and organizations on campus or with community partners that involve international issues. The university will then seek to make those programs more visible for students and faculty.

“We aim to increase participation in the international programs we already have and see where we can augment and expand them further,” Dr. Whittelsey said.

Kennesaw State is also looking at the possibility of creating a global learning certification for students engaged in international programs through the university’s curriculum and study abroad opportunities, she added.ed

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