Kilpatrick Stockton LLP, a law firm with a major Atlanta practice, has expanded its London office by 25 lawyers, a move aimed at solidifying its presence in Europe, according to Bill Brewster, Kilpatrick’s Atlanta-based managing partner.

          The 25 new attorneys, formerly with the London office of Altheimer & Gray, a Chicago-based law practice, are to focus on corporate law, international arbitration and project financing initiatives, all of which Mr. Brewster identified as growing practice areas in Europe.

The incoming team also brings experience in U.K. property and employment law, as well as U.K. and international tax regulation, he told GlobalFax.

          Kilpatrick began expanding in the European market in 2001 to provide service to companies with a headquarters or market interest in Europe.  Current clients include Finland-based Metso Corp., an equipment supplier to the paper industry with operations in Georgia, and Atlanta-based EMS Technologies Inc., which manufactures hardware used in commercial space, defense and wireless communications, said Mr. Brewster. 

The firm now maintains offices in London and in Stockholm, Sweden, for its British, Scandinavian and U.S. clients in Europe.

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