Windham Brannon, P.C. and C&S Professionals, Inc. have formed  Greater China Gateways Inc. (GCG) to develop business between the U.S. and China.

GCG is headed by Robert M. Temin, CPA, director of the international practice for Windham Brannon, one of Atlanta’s largest certified public accounting firms.  It is affiliated with other firms in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

C&S Professionals’ managing director is Dex Shi, Ph.D., who has lectured on conducting business in China on behalf of the Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism (GDITT) and who is a founding member of the Association of Chinese Professionals (ACP).  Dr. Shi represents several Chinese government agencies in the U.S. and conducts a joint venture business there.

 Dr. Shi will be leaving for China April 8 where he will seek out business opportunities on behalf of the collaboration.  Mr. Temin will leave for China May 5 and return to Atlanta at the end of the month.

In addition to assisting certain Atlanta-area companies interested in starting China operations, Mr. Temin said that he will encourage Chinese investors to consider Atlanta-area investments.  “With a growing number of entrepreneurs and increasing privatization, a larger segment of the population has funds to be invested,” he added.

Dr. Shi will focus his activities in Shanghai and Hebei Province where he will assist Chinese business and agencies as they modernize production lines.  At the same time, he will encourage Chinese investors to investigate Atlanta real estate and other investment opportunities in the Southeast.

Although China has an unmatched growth rate, he said that many Chinese would seek out U.S. investments because of the country’s political stability and underlying economic value.

For more information, Mr. Temin or Dr. Shi may be reached by calling (404) 898-2000, or by sending a fax to (404) 898-2010.