Technology companies in Atlanta should consider investing in Fribourg, Switzerland, to take advantage of the region’s long-term corporate tax rates, said Matt Julian, the Ministry of Economy of Fribourg’s senior representative in North America.

          Mr. Julian and his Swiss-based counterpart would be willing to include Atlanta in their visit to the Southeast U.S. during the last week of September if local companies request them to come to discuss investment opportunities in Fribourg, Mr. Julian told GlobalFax.

He said that by establishing a small operating company, such as a coordination center, trading company, holding company, sales or service center in Fribourg, whose income is at least 80% non-Swiss derived, Georgia companies can qualify for Fribourg’s favorable tax status.

Technology companies have particular advantages there, Mr. Julian said, because the region’s industrial strengths lie in information technology, telecommunications and electronics.

An example of Fribourg’s high-tech expertise is an Atlanta technology start-up, Dartfish Inc., which makes a sports video software program. Based in Fribourg, the company recently began working with the U.S. Olympic Committee to develop sports training techniques with its software.

Fribourg is located on the FrenchGerman speaking border of southwest Switzerland. English and Italian are also primary languages.

          To make an appointment with Mr. Julian, contact him at (512) 301-9773 or