Investment opportunities abound in the Ukraine ranging from partnerships with manufacturers of consumer goods, real estate projects, the transfer of U.S. technologies and even government bonds, according to Ross Kendall, an Atlanta attorney who spent six months last year in the country providing technical advice on banking and financial sector reform.

      Upon his return last year, he described to GlobalFax the hardships  suffered by Ukrainians, particularly its pensioners, retired and disabled persons because of the inflation they endured.  Even so, he maintained then that the country of 52 million people provided opportunities for investors willing to tolerate risk for high yields.

      Mr. Kendall continues to participate in a program of the U.S. Agency for International Development that is offering technical advice and guidance to the Ukraine’s developing banking system. And as of last week, he left the law firm of Glass, McCullough, Sherrill & Harrold to set up with Trish Marcucci, formerly a compliance and enforcement attorney with the Office of Thrift Supervision,  a new firm in Decatur.

      He said that his practice will focus on financial sector reform in the Ukraine and elsewhere, while Ms. Marcucci, who is a native of Guatemala, will concentrate on legal work involving international business transactions, especially in Latin America.

      He added that the support of the U.S. and other governments to various enterprises in the Ukraine provides a basis for his current optimism.  As an example, he referred to the Western NIS Fund, which is backing a number of real estate and other investment projects in the country.

      For more information, he may be reached by calling (404) 885-6733; fax, (404) 892-1801.