Krishan Ahuja has been named director and general manager of Georgia Tech-Ireland, the Georgia Institute of Technology’s first applied research facility outside of the United States, located in Athlone, Ireland.

Mr. Ahuja, currently a professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Aerospace Engineering, will lead a team of professionals in providing research and development assistance to Irish corporations and universities.

“The goal is to make Georgia Tech-Ireland a raving success,” Mr. Ahuja said, commenting on the university’s ambitious plans to expand the program over the next five years by building partnerships valued at more than $24 million.

The Irish program is part of the Georgia Tech Research Institute, which employs approximately 1,300 people around the world and conducts problem-solving research for academic, commercial and governmental clients valued at more than $130 million, according to the release.

University officials said that Mr. Ahuja’s experience with Rolls Royce Motor Cars Ltd. in Derbyshire, England and Marietta-based Lockheed Martin Corp. gives him the professional background necessary to focus on Georgia Tech-Ireland’s goals.

“Having worked in both industry and education, (Mr. Ahuja) brings a unique perspective to Georgia Tech-Ireland which will further our efforts to build strong bonds between academic discovery and commercial success,” said Stephen Cross, Georgia Tech vice president and executive director of the research institute.

A successful program in Ireland would open the possibility of Georgia Tech expanding its applied research programs into other countries.

“When Georgia Tech-Ireland is successful, we will be able to replicate the model in other countries,” Mr. Ahuja said.