Savannah-based water purification company Clear Solutions International Inc., which is helping to clean up the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast, is looking to international markets for its emergency water supply services and wastewater treatment for commercial operations.

The company is using its portable technology to extract contaminated water from flooded cities in Mississippi and Louisiana, purify it and use it for public showers and in decontamination operations. Tests have confirmed that the treated water is bacteria-free, but the company is still working on obtaining drinking water permits and certifications.

“Our focus now is the Gulf Coast, but our humanitarian efforts to provide clean water have international applications,” John Powers, the company’s chief marketing officer, told GlobalAtlanta.

“Had we been further along [with our business plans] at the time, we could’ve helped tsunami victims [in Southeast Asia] with bottled water. But we see similar opportunities in the near future,” Mr. Powers said, adding that the company is looking at possibilities with distributors of international humanitarian relief.

The company’s water purification technology has been in place for nine years, but it has recently translated the science to actuality, he explained. The technology has commercial applications as well, he said.

Clear Solutions is giving a final demonstration this week of wastewater purification for food processing in poultry plants. The firm also recently received an inquiry from an Australian company that provides poultry processing equipment, Mr. Power said.

“The next market is anybody who needs deployable units to purify water,” he said. “All you need is a generator and a water source.”

The Clear Solutions technology could be used to recycle water in manufacturing plants when they are operating at maximum water withdrawal, he said. The technology creates a grade of wastewater that has multiple disposal options, as well as a grade of pure water that can be recycled.

Mr. Powers added that there are tremendous implications for both waste and potable water for municipalities of all sizes. A Clear Solutions unit can purify up to 25,000 gallons of water per day. Multiple units can be hooked together for bigger projects, he said.

He noted that the technology could be especially useful for military or quasi-military applications when clean water is needed in multiple theaters because the modular units are easily transportable.

Clear Solutions currently has two trucks with water purification units operating in a mobile hospital on the Gulf Coast. It expects to soon have a response team of five vehicles to test, collect and purify water, and then bottle or freeze it. It can then be stored or distributed in sterile containers, Mr. Powers said.

Starting on the West Coast, Clear Solutions moved to Columbus, Ga., and relocated to Savannah four years ago to be close to the seaport for easier transport of its machinery to disaster locations worldwide.

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