A health care logistics and distribution company with operations in Spain, Portugal, Panama, Chile and Nicaragua has opened its first U.S. office in Atlanta.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced the opening of the office of Health Lean Logistics SL, which is based in Barcelona, Spain, April 13, during a press conference at the state Capitol that was attended by the company’s CEO, Albert Tarrats.

The U.S. affiliate of Health Lean Logistics is a member of the Gesaworld Group composed of a number of consulting companies also based in Barcelona.

Jose Ignacio Gonzalez, president of Hemisphere Trade Services Inc., is the company’s official representative for the U.S. Mr. Gonzalez has actively promoted business throughout Latin America from Atlanta.

He served as executive secretary of the Americas Competitive Forum 2010. He is chairman of the Atlanta branch of CIFAL, a United Nations affiliate that trains government officials in a number of fields.

Mr. Gonzalez told GlobalAtlanta that Health Lean Logistics will focus on developing the efficiency of supply chains for hospitals throughout the country.

Although Hemisphere Trade Services’ office currently serves as Health Lean Logistics’ base, the company’s still-to-be determined headquarters here will house an estimated 100 employees in a variety of management, marketing, finance, human resources and project management positions.

It also is expected to be responsible for additional indirect jobs through subcontractors and service providers.

Mr. Tarrats said that the availability of direct flights to locations in Central and South America from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport was an important factor in the choice of Atlanta for the company’s U.S. headquarters.

He also mentioned the growing importance of Georgia’s bioscience and healthcare sectors as reasons for locating here.

Health Lean Logistics is to partner with the Georgia Institute of Technology’s supply chain and logistics activities here as well as in Panama and Costa Rica.

The office of Hemisphere Trade Services may be reached by calling (404) 446-4174.