Georgia high-tech companies have been invited to test their products on Europe’s largest wireless network by Iddo Bante, managing director of the Center for Telematics at University of Twente in the Netherlands.           

Dr. Bante extended the invitation through GlobalFax earlier this month during his visit to Atlanta for Supercomm, the telecommunications conference. Last week,, an online publication that tracks high-tech developments, recognized the network, as Europe’s most extensive.

            The University of Twente, which has a student exchange program with Georgia Institute of Technology, introduced the system as part of an industrial design course enabling first-year students to computer aided design (CAD) images on their laptops through the system.

The new wireless system, which was funded by the Dutch government with assistance from International Business Machines Corp (IBM) and Cisco Systems Inc., connects the university to a nearby business and science park. It allows students and scientists to have access to the Internet from anywhere in a 346-acre area surrounding the university.

Dr. Bante cited MobiHealth, a program funded by the European Union, as an example of a research project being tested there. The project monitors a patient’s health remotely from home and transmits the information to local health care providers.

The university, located in the eastern part of the Netherlands, specializes in finding business applications for its information technology and telecommunications research. It has also established the sole cross-border Internet exchange connecting German and Dutch research and development networks.

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 HYPERLINK or Allison B. Turner at the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency at (770) 933-6275.