The 16th annual American-Israeli Chamber of Commerce‘s professional seminar is to focus on the impact of Israel‘s growing technology sector on the United States.

Zohar Levkohitz, chairman of SpaceIL, which aims to make Israel the third country to successfully engineer a moon landing, and founder of the recently acquired advertising company Amobee Inc., will keynote the Aug. 23 event. 

The seminar includes three case studies, each exploring the difficulties and opportunities faced by Israeli tech companies opening U.S. offices, including site selection and acclimation to new laws and cultural norms.

John Belew, president of South Carolina-based optical inspection company Evs-US, will explain the parent company Elbit Vision Systems Ltd.‘s choice to locate in the Southeast.

The second case study is to be presented by NeuroTech Solutions Ltd.‘s CEO Tamer Sagie. Mr. Sagie is preparing to take his neuroscience company to the U.S., and is to offer insights on navigating U.S. law and tax codes.

Rounding out the the three will be an in-depth look at the $172 million acquisition of Tel Aviv-based broadcaster BigBand Networks by ARRIS Group Inc., a global supplier of broadband services based in Suwanee.

There also will be a panel moderated by Atlanta attorney David Schulman on cultural differences. The panel, composed of Americans and Israelis, will discuss potential misunderstandings from differing social norms of the two nations.

Merrick Furst, director of Georgia Institute of Technology‘s startup accelerator program Flashpoint, will be the final guest speaker, and is to encourage greater Israeli interaction in Tech’s program.

The AICC Professional Seminar is to be held at the Selig Center, 1440 Spring St. from 7:30 a.m.- 1 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 24.

Cost for attendance is $90 for AICC members and $100 for non-members

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