One supplier in Brazil wants 300 tons of yeast per month, perhaps from Georgia. Photo by Karyna Panchenko on Unsplash

The Georgia Department of Economic Development’s offices abroad have fielded a new slate of trade leads, providing opportunities for companies in the state to fulfill the agricultural and aerospace needs of foreign customers.  

In Brazil, companies are asking for suppliers to fill disparate demands, from 300 tons of yeast for mass-manufactured dough to two Airbus A330-200 model aircraft.  

In Chile, the wants are more prosaic: gluten-free, vegan and lactose-free snacks, along with jarred cucumbers and Mexican food items like tortillas and salsa.  

The department’s China office also turned in a more industry-focused lead: precision spindles for factory machinery.  

Georgia operates 12 offices around the world helping companies from the state break into new markets and recruiting foreign investment.  

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