UPS Chaiman and CEO Jim Kelly last week joined the President’s Export Council (PEC), America’s premier advisory committee supporting international trade.

Mr. Kelly’s induction makes him the only PEC member from the express courier industry.  As the top national advisory committee on global trade, the PEC advises the President on government policies and programs that affect U.S. trade performance.

It also promotes the expansion of exports and provides a forum among the business, industrial, agricultural, labor and government sectors to discuss and resolve trade-related issues.

Next month, Mr. Kelly is scheduled to visit China where he will meet with government offcials to discuss expanded trade opportunities and China’s admission  to the World Trade Organization.

“UPS fully supports bringing China into the WTO,” he said in a statement.  “We can ill afford to shut out a trading partner of the size, scope and potential of China.  We believe that expanded trade with China will result in more opportunities, not fewer, for American companies.”

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