‘The Art of the Architect,’ a unique showcase of Italy’s most prominent, modern architects, will be on exhibit at Atlanta’s High Museum until Sept. 7.

The collection of approximately 15 original hand drawings and paintings, the first of its kind to be shown in the U.S., will feature work from Mario Botta, who designed the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Aldo Rossi, Paolo Portoghesi, Massimo Scolari, Arduino Cantafora, Franco Purini and Franz Prati.

Mr. Scolari and Mr. Prati, as participating architects, will also be on hand for a presentation at the High’s Rich Auditorium, July 24, as part of a lecture series co-sponsored by the Atlanta chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

The Art of the Architect’ collection is the brain-child of Atlanta-based Italian architect (and daughter-in-law of Ted Turner), Angela Della Costanza Turner, who has been planning the event, in conjunction with University of Genova professor, Franz Prati, for more than four years. As guest curator for the exhibit, Ms. Turner hand-picked the featured artwork in part to stress the importance of traditional sketching as a complement to computer imaging in modern architectural design.

The exhibit is part of the High’s three-pronged ‘’Italian Summer’ festival of rare Italian art, held in collaboration with the Atlanta chapter of the Italian American Business Council (IABC.)

In addition to ‘The Art of Architects,’ the festival will feature an exhibition of artwork from Michaelangelo’s family home in Florence, Italy, as well as pieces from the High’s own Italian Renaissance collection.

For more information about the ‘ Italian Summer’ program, visit www.high.org or call (404) 733-4444. For more information about ‘’The Art of the Architect,’ visit www.artofarchitect.com.  Contact the IABC at (404) 521-2743 or via e-mail at IABEatlanta@aol.com.